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9 Jul 2011
Just checking my new avatarů
1 Apr 2011
I've had a wonderful 10 years with this car, but it's time for me to move on to other things. I have another toy inbound, so this one has to go.

Sold! Thanks for looking (IMG:http://www.frrax.com/rrforum/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)

Pictures are here:


A thread from this board:
UE Bilstein Install

Some old pics:
StopTech Brakes, Roll Cage, and Seat

And a little video:
Thunderhill 2007

And now the pertinent bits:
~115k miles, stock motor, black, t-tops, Z28.

- Unbalanced Engineering Bilstein Shocks
- 650 / 250 springs
- SLP Double-diamond subframe connectors

- StopTech front brakes
- Blaine Fabrication front swaybar brackets
- Power steering cooler

- Unbalanced Engineering Lowered Panhard Rod
- Rod-ended panhard rod
- Rod-end and Howe rear LCAs

- Blaine Fabrication Driveshaft Loop
- ACPT Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
- Torsen T-2R (earlier model run, so reliable!)
- SLP TOTL Exhaust

- Blaine Fabrication 4-point cage
- Kirkey Intermediate driver's seat
- 6-point harness, but probably out of date now

1 set of 17x11 (36mm) shod in Nitto NT-01's (only one track day)
1 set of 17x9.5's shod in Kumho Ecsta MX's (pretty thread bare)
1 set of 17x9 GM SS wheels shod in Goodyear GS-DS3's.

Only spare original parts I have are the LCA's, panhard rod, driveshaft, and driver's seat. I also have a set of Koni SA's with GC perches, 500/150.

Thanks all, it's been a fun ride (IMG:http://www.frrax.com/rrforum/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif)
4 Jun 2007
Just a short clip of my fastest lap from yesterday. Still a slow street car, but she sure is fun!

ChaseCam mount on the hood - unfortunately some wire has gone loose in the camera, so it only records in black and white now (IMG:http://www.frrax.com/rrforum/style_emoticons/default/sad.gif) I should talk to Randy about that and see what I can do. Panasonic DMC-LZ7 mounted to an IO/Port mount on the roll bar pointing at me - way overkill in resolution at the moment for filming my steering wheel, but technology sure has changed since I started recording a few years ago - this records at 848x480 to SD cards. A 2GB card (which is its max) will just handle a session. 1/4 the size and less than that in weight than my chasecam recording gear (old Sony Digital 8), no moving parts, and I can dump the contents to the laptop in 4 minutes. Sooo much better. If only it took video in as well =)

Hood camera is mounted on the right side, so video is offset. If it looks like I'm missing a left apex, I probably am, but not by as much as you think (IMG:http://www.frrax.com/rrforum/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif) Chasing down an Evo that's on mild R-compound tires. A couple clear mess ups on my part, so I have the potential of a 2:11, I think (he brakes way earlier than I do, and that was messing up some of my corner entries).

Enjoy! I'll put up a nicer video with text sometime within the next few days - it's been a long time since I put effort into my vids!

Thunderhill CCW Bypass 2:13

8 May 2007
So... I suck.

For those that know me, that's not really a surprise (IMG:http://www.frrax.com/rrforum/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif)

I'm the best man for my friend's upcoming wedding, and we're having a twin bachelor party in Vegas this weekend (woohoo!). One of my jobs was getting dinner reservations for Thursday.

Uh. Shit. It's almost Tuesday. I haven't yet. Been a bit busy at work and forgot about it.

The dude loves Mexican. We're staying at the MGM Grand - we were going to just go to Diego's, but it appears that I can't get reservations there for 15 people this late in the game.

HELP. I need reservations / recommendations of a good Mexican place to go to... since it's this late, I'm pretty sure I need a hookup. Someone that can get me a reservation is much, much more valuable than just a recommendation of where to go...

Also, this is obvious, but I'm going to be in Vegas! this weekend (my first time). I'm the best man, so I'll be spending most of my time with the bachelor, plying him with drinks, keeping him from dying, and handing him singles, but if anyone wants to meet up, it'd be cool (looks at Bart).

(if anyone wants to contact me, just PM me or email me at vegas at dankeen (and the dot com thingie) and I'll hook you up with a cell number, etc)
5 Jun 2006
A long time back a friend of mine (smart dude, Cornell MechE M.Eng) toyed with the idea of building an IRS for a Camaro. I thought "Woo, that would be bad ass". And then life got in the way - we had a Mark VIII IRS, a back half on a jig, a ton of suspension calculations, some decent camber curves... and I graduated Cornell and moved to California, and Rob moved to Boston.

Rob still has the back half of the Camaro. I think his dad is planning on taking the IRS, but that could probably be talked about if anyone wants it. The back half is saw-zalled, so don't expect it to be pretty - and there's no fuel tank - but it's functional enough for anyone who wants to mock things up.

Anyone interested? It'd actually probably serve best as the base for a wicked Camaro couch.
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