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1 Sep 2022
I talked to Lonnie recently (due to covid, the last few years have been a blur and I can't put my finger on the last time we talked exactly). Many of you will know him, he was a moderator here in the very early days and an avid autocrosser. He had 17x12's on his car with 335's on the rear. I believe he wrote the sticky about fitting larger tires on these cars (or contributed much of it if it's not under his name). Anyway, the world has lost another member of this community and an all around car guy. We met at an autocross a lifetime ago, or so it seems. But my last chat with him was nice, it was good to catch up and things seemed to be going extremely well for them.

Posted tonight to Lonnie's facebook account I found the following:

My name is Heath Perrine, older brother of Breanna Bright (Perrine). Our lives were shattered in an instant; now, we're trying to pick up the pieces and put our lives back together without the most important pieces.
Loving parents, Breanna Bright (Perrine) and Lonnie Bright, were tragically taken from our lives due to a horrific car accident leaving behind their children.
Just before 4 PM on August 5th, a blue 2007 Nissan Titan pickup truck drifted left of the center line and struck my sister and brother-in-law's car.
My sister, Breanna Jeanne Bright (Perrine), who was 33 years old, passed away at the scene of the accident.
My brother-in-law, Lonnie Lee Bright, who was 43 years old, was airlifted to a local hospital, where he later passed away.
My niece, Journey Louise Bright, who is five years old, was airlifted to a local hospital, where she remains in a coma and in critical condition.
My nephew, Granger Lee Bright, who is three months old, was treated at a local hospital and taken in by loving family members.
Thankfully, my nephews, Carter, who is 18 and Hunter, who is 13, were not in the car at the time of the accident.
We are asking for any help you may be able to provide to help with funeral expenses and high medical costs, as there will be a very long road of recovery that my niece, Journey, will have to struggle through.
She has endured multiple surgeries and remains in around-the-clock care.
She is extremely strong and continues to fight an uphill battle as she heals from this horrific accident.
We ask that you please keep our family in your thoughts and prayers as we heal from this tragic event that took the lives of those we love way too soon.
Please share:
On behalf of the Bright & Perrine Family,
We want to thank you for all of your continued prayers and support.

The gofundme is here:


Godspeed Lonnie and Breanna. My heart just breaks for the children. I really can't begin to imagine...

Lonnie was known as ESPcamaro, the wheel sticky is here:

12 Mar 2022
I put towing mirrors on my 2015 Silverado 1500. This is the set of OEM mirrors I removed, they are power, heated and painted body color. I have no idea what OEM mirrors are worth, but I have them in the garage in boxes. I don't know that I can ship them without them getting damaged, but maybe. I'd prefer local pickup in Columbus, OH if possible. The truck is "maroon". I believe it's Deep Ruby Metallic.

$250/pair or best offer.
12 Mar 2022
I was rear ended last year about this time and I made her insurance company replace the hitch receiver on my truck to prevent any risk of failure. I started pulling a relatively heavy camper after that and I noticed that the receiver cracked. The original one never failed and I towed the Camaro many times for 5+ hours at a time. I'm guessing I just got a bad one and it was a freak thing. I replaced it with a heavier rated receiver (1600 lbs tongue weight/16000 lbs trailer weight) and had GM warranty the one that was installed last year (it had a 2 year warranty). This is rated at 1200 lbs tongue weight (with a weight distributing hitch) and 12000 lbs trailer weight. The hardware is still in the bags and it is looking for a new home. I believe GM said it fits trucks from like 2005 and up. GM part number - 84152031. They run $295 (discounted retail) from my local dealer.

I had to send the old one back in the new box to the dealer, so I'd like to stay with local pickup (or meeting me somewhere, I'm doing some traveling to Wisconsin and Virginia this year (through all the places in between). Located in Columbus, OH.

It's this one:


Asking $200 OBO

Pics on request.
19 Jan 2022
Many of you have been here for years and most of the long time crew knows Mitch Warren (MitchnTX). Mitch has been a long time member on here and LS1tech (among others) as well as a CMC racer, track day guy, motorcycle fan and all around amazing guy. Among racers he was a gentleman of the sport and the guy you wanted in your pits helping with setup and issues. I met Mitch on LS1tech many years ago. We were always in the same threads answering questions and helping guys with the same issues. Eventually, you get to be friends. And, when the racing gods are willing, you get to hang out occasionally. I met Mitch in person at a rest stop near the Ohio/Indiana border. He was in Indiana for work and was trying to get to the NASA Nationals event at Mid Ohio. I told him I'd come get him. His coworker dropped him at the rest area and I picked him up (making Mitch the only guy I've ever picked up at a rest stop (IMG:style_emoticons/default/rotf.gif) ). I called to say I was passing the rest area and would be right back after I turned around. Mitch said "I'm watching you go by right now, I was really hoping you'd actually show up". I pulled up and met Mitch as he tossed his luggage in the back of my Camaro and hopped in the passengers seat. He crashed at my place and we went to the track the next day to catch up with Glenn and the rest of the Texas (and frrax) crew. We spent a couple NASA Nationals together at Mid Ohio after that.

A few years later when I was in Texas for training for work, Geoff Burch (another original member here and CMC champion) loaned me his beater Ford Focus. That gave me wheels to get down to Mitch's place for an afternoon of helping Mitch and Glenn work on a fresh CMC car. I may have done as much harm as good that day, but I truly cherish the time I spent hanging out and building things that afternoon.

I was on the phone with Mitch when I found out that my neighbor passed away. I was in the middle of an engine swap and transmission upgrade in a Greenwood Sportwagon Corvette conversion with Racerdad916. Mitch and I talked at length about the friend I had just lost and how he was a larger than life kind of character that just left a giant hole in the world with his passing. Mitch genuinely wanted to learn about my friend, that's just Mitch.

It turns out, Mitch is the kind of guy who will leave another giant hole in the world with his passing. I am better for knowing him and we are all worse off without him.

Godspeed friend, you will be missed.
29 Sep 2021
My wife and I have been camping in a camper we got from her dad earlier this year (I grew up with campers and motor homes, but she hasn't done much camping) and having fun, so we bought a new Winnebago Voyage 2831RB. We love the floor plan and the space, but my truck wishes it was a little lighter. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/wink.gif) The Silverado actually tows it just fine (32' overall, 11.5' tall, 7460 lbs empty), but it doesn't like to run above about 68 mph, or it will start trying to use 3rd gear more often (at like 4k rpm) when we hit a slight grade, etc. The 190 watt solar panel and regulator kit will be here in the next week or so and I'm finding that this may cost more than building cars (once you buy all the stuff you want to go with it). Now I have to sort out why the rear view camera I purchased won't stay paired to the monitor (the camper is pre wired for this particular camera, I set it up and then when we got in the truck it wouldn't work, I have to see if the camera is bad or the wiring in the camper).

I got the car to two autocrosses this year. Otherwise, I only ran about one tank of fuel through it. I'm starting to think I should just sell it, but it was absolutely delightful on the autocross course and I just can't let it go. I'm finding that I'm spending nice nights out camping instead of driving back roads with the top down. I did put new tires on the car this year (street tires) and I think they have 50 miles on them. lol.

Here's the one we bought. This is a combination of dealer photos and stock photos. It's generally correct, but I think one or two pics came off the winnebago site.


Mark Wahlberg RV is right down the road from me.
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