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3 Sep 2018

I had intended to put this on our WRL/Endurance car but we run headlight covers to reduce drag and this pulls from the headlight pockets.

CL add:
I believe these were only used on early 80s (1984??) Z28 Camaros. Would likely fit Firebird or other GM cars as well.

Used but functional condition.

What you see is what you get:
4 pieces: Air filter housing base. Air filter housing lid. Left air scoop. Right air scoop.


Email me phone number and I'll text you.
Price is firm.

This listing says they were from 1983-1987 but please do your own research.
And it is 140$ without the scoops.

Have it listed for 200 local, for a FRRAX person, I will include shipping, so that is 200 shipped to you.


cars and such...
11 Jul 2016


Bought this with a buddy to rebuild it but things change and family circumstances dictated he back out. I already have Scratcher so this one is for sale now. It has not run in 10+ years and the motor is blown (hole in block). Unknown if the heads (look to be AFR 210s) are okay. Muncie trans. Dry sump. Motor kicked back (53% on rear according to old weight sheets!!!!!) and C3 IRS. Trick front suspension that is light and quickly spring-rate adjustable. Glass front windshield. Race body comes off with dzus fasteners.

Folks, people at HPDE/Races always are shocked to hear how little money I have in Scratcher for beating up on deep 5 and 6 figure (and 7 as well!) cars. At the end of 2014 season I still had under 25k in Scratcher in hard costs (not consumables). Had to get fresh head castings but I'm still under 30 at this point and love it.

At the price point of this car, a fresh smallblock is inexpensive (depending on power...could do NASA TT/ST power-to-weight and do very well in ST3/St2/St1) and the overall cost could be substantially less than Scratcher with IRS (I'd kill for that) and more rear weight bias. Scratcher's biggest limitation right now is forward bite off the corners and rear weight bias helps that. This car has great potential. Stop tracking a car that is worth serious money and step over to a tube=style car (this is a heavily modified factory frame) where the body pops off in 5 minutes for ease of work and consumables are reasonable and you could actually go a lot faster.

This is clearly a project car, but it seems to all be there (no carb, no battery, etc). I've removed the seat as a potential buyer wanted to see how much room was there (and the seat was not safe by any means!).

Put a small block in it, freshen it and go racing....likely vintage eligible. Or swap to LS and get even better weight distribution!

TO REITERATE = THIS IS A PROJECT CAR. WILL NEED WORK. SOME FASTENERS MISSING, CAR WAS RACED (body not perfect), ETC ETC. Not a show car... RACE CAR. Will need thorough going-over!

Car is located an hour north of Houston (Bryan, TX). Car can be pushed/rolled onto a trailer. I can potentially drive to meet a buyer (depending on schedules and such) for a moderate fee.


costas (at) witchdoctormotorsports (dot) com for more info or any questions.

cars and such...
9 Mar 2016
Full writeup and vids to come, but we ran our endurance car "Bic" at COTA a few weeks ago. I can't really call it a 'crapcan' car anymore since we freshened the motor and actually put some decent dampers on it.



SATURDAY's 8 hour race: Lost a shift fork in the T5 on Saturday.

SUNDAY's 8 hour race: Finished 4th in class.

The big thing is we ran competitive times and mostly lost out due to bad breaks with redflags and fuel stops as well as an incorrect 'passing under yellow' penalty where we got hosed. The last race at TWS, we won GP4 both days. It happens.

Weighs 3100ish depending on the ballast we're running.

Tires must be 180 treadwear or better and we've run the dunlop star specs, the nitto nt05s and tested the Falken Fk615 at COTA. We liked them and will run them the next race. 275.40.17s.

Dampers are factory low-mile deCarbons in the rear and the HD bilstein B6 non-adjustables in the front. No rear bar but the huge solid ST bar up front. We run a lot of front spring rate.

Next step on handling is to dial in the falkens more and see what they like. We rough-guessed the air pressure for COTA but I'll test soon and we'll hook up my real-time-tire temperature rig (http://www.witchdoctormotorsports.com/ch192.htm) to get the tires in the sweet spot for pressure and alignment settings. Once that is done, we'll see what comes next.

Still running the stock front single-piston brakes with good luck, but I'm helping to develop (w/ Stan) a cost-effective kit to run the wilwood superlite calipers with a badass 3-point bracket (most kits, including stock 1LE, use a two point bracket) which is coming soon. We have 3.23 and 3.42 rear ends depending on track. The rears are 4th gen setups and we run the 2.25" bolt on front spacers so we can use easy-n-cheap 4th gen/corvette wheels.

WRL has four classes, (GP1, GP2, GP3 and GP4) and they are based on power to weight. We run the slowest class, GP4, which has a power to weight limit of 18 to 1. We have the 170hp TBI 305 and at 18 we need to weigh 3060. Gp3 is 15:1, Gp2 is 13:1 and gp1 is 11:1. Clearly we could go TPI motor and jump classes, but the car is cost effective to run and very fun to drive.

I'll post more when we get the story and vids uploaded. I *think* this was the first 3rd gen to actually race at COTA. (dubious honor at best...LOL)

cars and such...
25 Aug 2015
I'm in need of a pair of brake brackets for an 02 F-body rear end. Bolts as well if you have them.


cars and such...
20 Aug 2015
I brainfaded and TOTALLY forgot to report on this...

However, I got the new Grassroots Motorsports and in the "budget endurance racing" section there is a picture of our pits with my wife and one of our co-drivers (we share pits with another car/friends). As I write this, we JUST finished a test session with "Bic", our 1987 Camaro with a stock 1989 5.0 tbi motor plus 5sp and 3.42 4th gen rear. Corvette wheels and 255 to 275 40 17 tires.

I personally ran with WRL (World Racing League, www.racewrl.com ) four times in their inaugural year 2014, but our team only competed once and we picked did good!! (I got to run in a few other cars, picked up a 2nd in a corvette in Colorado here: http://www.witchdoctormotorsports.com/ch226.htm )

WRL is pretty cool as they have a very short rulebook and 4 classes based on power to weight. For 2014 WRL had 3 classes, but they have expanded that to 4 for 2015 and beyond.

MAIN WRL RULE: You must leave racing room. No chops or taking folks who have a run on you to the dirt. Because of this, WRL is attracting some good teams and has had good racing so far and it is good value for track time.

Our last race report (Dec '14) is here: http://www.witchdoctormotorsports.com/ch234.htm and we will be doing the September race at TWS "Triple 7s". That is, a 7 hour race Saturday, a 7 hour race through the night and then another 7 hour race on Sunday. We are looking forward to it! We just got some LED lights to test as well!




More updates as they happen!

cars and such...
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