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28 Jul 2018
A little history first. I wanted to try out the Spohn front heim endlinks, but that required drilling out the bolt hole on the LCA's. I didn't want to damage my factory LCA's, so I bought a used set. Back around March 2018, we re-installed the used set with the heim joints and I asked the tech to press out the old bushings from my old arms. He said he'd try to do it on the side in his free time, just give him something like $20. A couple of times since then I'd text the tech asking for the status on finishing the arms, and he never got around to it. A couple of weeks ago, the tech had an opportunity he couldn't pass up and he left the shop. He supposedly left my arms there and other techs saw the arms, and the shop owner says they didn't throw anything out, but they cannot be found.

He offered to locate a used set of arms to replace them, and I sent him the specific part numbers last week via FB messenger. I'm leery of buying used suspension parts since the 'known good' front UCA's I bought caused an alignment problem. If he can't find the correct arms, perhaps I'll ask for cash or labor credit but I've given the shop a helluva lot of work in the past year or two and they regularly give me labor discounts. But after the tech announced he left and before I knew they had lost the arms, I was considering going to another shop for race work and fabrication. The tech was the only GM tech (20+ years of GM experience) this shop had but they had a guy with equal Ford training. I'm leaning towards requesting cash instead of credit so I'm not tied to their shop.

If the shop owner cannot find the correct OEM LCA's, what do you think adequate compensation would be?
14 Jul 2018
Due to quantity of items, pictures available upon request. All prices exclude shipping, insurance, PayPal fees, etc. If you buy multiple items of different types we can discuss a bulk discount. Reasonable counteroffers considered. I might be interested in some trades, I would need to come up with a list of what I'd be interested in.

Edit: some prices reduced again. Some prices advertised lower here than at LS1Tech, including the Koni DA's.

For sale:

* ACDelco 17D750MH rear brake pad kit, installed for maybe 1-2 weeks removed because I wanted more rear brake force, 0.393"-0.417" pad thickness remaining, kit $28.89 new from RockAuto, free with another purchase
* AFCO 8"x5"x300lb conventional spring set (PN AFC25300-3), flat ground on both ends, (pair, yellow), @67oz, $50
* Eibach 9.5"x5"x300lb conventional spring set (PN 0950.500.0300), flat ground on only one end (pair, red), @68oz, $50
* Hypercoil 11"x5"x300lb conventional spring set (PN 18SN-300) flat ground on both ends, (pair, blue), @85oz, $50
* AFCO 10"x2.5"x650lb coil over spring set flat ground on both ends, (pair, yellow), @94oz, $50
* Koni Double-adjustable front coil over shock assembly kit (PN 8242-1005SP1, inspected by Koni in 2014, receipt provided) with Hypercoil 650# (PN 10B0650) springs, includes custom BlaineFab tool ($40 value) to remove top hat, Koni rebound adjuster tool and OEM upper shock mount (free, if desired) (one pair, est @8.5lbs), $650
* Koni Double-adjustable front shock (PN 8242 1005SP1) (spare, inspected by Koni in 2014, receipt provided, needs top hat installed (included)), (8.2lbs, 1 available), $275
* Koni Double-adjustable rear shock set (PN 8242-1006SP1) (inspected by Koni in 2014, receipt provided), (pair, @5.2lbs), $650
* Bilstein rear HD shock set (F4-B46-1121-H0), low miles, been sitting in storage, @4lbs, $80 in original boxes
* AllStar PN ALL56119 threaded weight jacker kit, sits on OEM lower spring perch, used to adjust ride height of 5" conventional springs, $25 for pair, or free with purchase of one pair of 5" springs
* Unbalanced Engineering rear steel lower control arm kit, ~14 years of use, with steel bushings, jam nuts & 3yr old FK heim joints (two need replaced, not included), replaced arms to save weight, $100

[Bare bar only, no accessories included]
* Suspension Techniques 35mm solid front antisway bar, 26lbs, $100
* Addco 32mm solid front antisway bar, 21.5lbs, $50
* GM 30mm hollow front antisway bar, 9.5lbs, $50
* Addco 25mm solid rear antisway bar, 12.5lbs, $50
* Unknown 24mm solid rear antisway bar, 9.5lbs, $50
* GM 19mm hollow rear antisway bar, 6.65lbs, $50

* Enkei Win3, 17"x9.5", @24lbs, bought in 1996 and used as daily driver wheels until 2010, set of 4 plus one spare (spare has gouged metal lip), $250 for normal 4, damaged spare is free if you buy the other 4 at my price.
* AFS ZR1 polished aluminum replicas, 17"x11", 50mm offset, 4 available, @28lbs, approximately 15 years old, originally only used as autocross wheels, but became daily driver wheels in 2010, slight brake dust accumulation and slightly cloudy finish, $450

* FAST Fuel injector harnesses, EV1 <>EV6 injector adapters, PN 170604-8, used, $25
* Scoggin Dickey SD90BRKT throttle cable bracket, $20
* Scoggin Dickey Billet throttle cable bracket, w/ 2 long bolts, $20
* BlueMaxx 90mm cable-driven billet throttle body, purchased through Vengeance Racing maybe around 2008? No bolts or sensors, $100
* OEM 1998 F-body LS1 screened MAF & accordion hose, $20
* Crane Cams 3/8" pushrods, installed as a set of used 7.400's from Vinci Performance, after they came back out it was determined that they were not all truly 7.400's. (2) ~7.45, (12) ~7.410 & (2) ~7.360; $100 for all
* March 208 billet alternator pulley, never installed, $30

* Valentine 1 radar detector w/ suction cups (need replaced) and power wiring, bought used in early 1990's, $50
* Tesla Original GTech accelerometer, worked when removed from vehicle years ago, free with another purchase
* B&B Electronics AutoTap w/ cables, no software, worked the last time it was used, free with another purchase
* LS1-Edit for 97-98 F-bodies, with cables, no software, worked the last time it was used, free with another purchase
13 Jun 2018
I saw this topic come up in a FB group. While I still have my original unused spare tire in storage, it hasn't been in the car for probably 15 years. I'm just wondering what solutions others have used when they were concerned about needing a spare tire.

Years ago, a 275/40/17 would fit in the rear hatch, but the 315/35/17 did not fit, and I'm sure the 315/30/18's won't fit. If I put a brake kit on the front that requires an 18" wheel, then that will require a larger spare on the front, unless I move a rear tire to the front _and_ mount the smaller spare on the rear. I did drive to LSFest in Kentucky on 275's, with three 315's in the rear seat and the fourth on the front passenger seat. Then there's talk about different tire heights upsetting things like ABS. Definitely not interested in the tire slime solution... are we dependent upon a tow truck?
11 Mar 2018
Looking for a spare set of OEM front LCA's in good condition. I already have the ball joints & bushings so I really only need the bare arms.
10 Mar 2018
I've been searching in vane for either of the following for a set of lug nuts with the new wheels. If you happen to know where I can find them please let me know. I haven't purchased the lug nuts yet so worst case scenario I have to pick a different style. If I can't find it as non-marring, perhaps one can buy the non marring covers separately? Or I could use an existing cover from my existing 17mm 6pt non-marring socket?

1) 17mm 12-point deep non-marring socket
2) 17mm spline drive deep non-marring socket
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