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1 Jun 2009
I have an AEM WB O2 sensor gauge set up with less than 1k miles on the unit. Out of all the wideband/gauge set ups this is the easiest to install. Also has output wire for integration into tuning software. Gauge also comes with black and silver bezel along with black and white gauge face to customize it to your liking. Paid 300 new asking 200 shipped obo.

Paypal accepted

Thanks for looking
22 Feb 2007
The car is down, and im itching like crazy to get on the track with something. Thinking about giving either Skip Barber or Bondurant. Im specificly looking at the into to racing from both schools, but want to know what everyone else thinks?
20 Nov 2006
So since my motor let go in late september (titanium retainer failed on me dropping a valve...you know what comes after that) Ive been slowly taking it apart in my spare time, slowly becuase I have no clue whats going back in there. Theres a couple combos thats come across my mind latley, each has its advantages, but not sure what to go for. This is an LS1 BTW.

1. Budget 346 (3.905b x 3.622s)
LS1 block
Stock crank
Stock rods
Forged pistons

Easy to get the ball rolling on seeing as I already have 2 sets of stock rods, 2 stock cranks, and 2 blocks. I would upgrade the rods with ARP bolts and have nice forged pistons with flycuts. Cam selection would be easy because theres so many off the shelf 346 cams that work.

2. Built 346 (3.905b x 3.622s)
LS1 block
Stock crank
H-beam rods
Forged pistons

Again, easy to get the ball rolling on as the only other major parts I would need are pistons and rods. Cam selection would be the same, and with this bottom end id also consider going solid roller. That is if I think ill take the time out for valve lash adjustments. Only down side is thoes that have gone solid roller have told me that its not too much fun on the street with stock cubes because of no low end.

3. Stroked 374 (3.905b x 3.900s)
LS1 block
3.90 crank
H-beam rods
Forged pistons

This is the biggest storke im willing to go with on the stock LS1 block because I don't like the idea of under-square motors. Id gain a good bit of CI in the process and I would be more likely to go solid roller with this combo becasue of that. Id also get more compression with this set-up without having to mill the heads as much. The only down side is there are no off the shelf cams for this motor.

4. Big bore 387 (4.125b x 3.622s)
LS7 block
LS1 crank
H-beam rods
Forged pistons

This is assuming the price on the LS7 block comes down like GM said. I wouldnt have to wait around for the block to get sleeved. A bore this size would allow me to run the LS7 heads, but I would go with a hyd cam because the only aftermarket rockers available for these heads are Jessel and thoes run 1300 bucks...no thanks.

5. Huge bore 398 (4.185b x 3.622s)
Sleeved LS1 block
LS1 crank
Forged pistons

This is the motor ive talked to my builder about, he seems just as excited about building this bad boy as I am. Again with this motor id be allowed to run LS7 heads, but then becuase of the bore id have to get a custom piston, and I belive a head gasket. This would also be a hyd cammed motor. The down side to this motor is that the cost of the shortblock alone is in the 5k dollar range. Looking at this motor on paper knowing that LS7 heads are capable of 380+cfm 600rwhp is an attainable goal, but that calls for a 12 bolt. While this motor does sound fun, it would be a handfull on the road course, and I would feel safe pushing it without a rollbar.

All of the motors would have fairly high compression 11.8-12.0 and the goal would be to make as much possible hp on less that 400 cubes because it seems that everyone is running a 402/408/427 ls1 these days. The car wouldnt be daily driven, and im not looking to change rear gears. Redline on all the motos would be around 7k, but 6500 max on the road course. It would also use an accusump for safteys sake. Ive considered building a motor around an LS2 block, but theres some minor things betwene the knock sensors for the LS2 and the computer of the LS1 that I don't really feel like getting into right now. So, if you have any input on any of these combos, let me know your thoughts.
13 Oct 2006
Motor is comming out so ill have a good number of parts for sale in the comming weeks. Also need to clear some stock parts out of the garage so ill have some room to work. For now Ill olny list whats off the car and what ive had a chance to inspect.

Manley Springs and titanium retainers. 200
-One set of springs used, along with titanium retainers, another set of springs new in box.

Stock 99 injectors
-Around 30k miles on them.

Oil pressure sending unit. 25
-Both are new in box. Have one for 97-98, and one for 99+.

AC Delco battery. 30
-Works fine, wont be back in the car for a while so id rather someone get some use out of it rather that just sitting and going bad.

Stock cam. 15
-97-00 cam, around 40k miles on it.

Power Steering Cooler. 25
-Bought from a member here but never installed, cooler only, no lines.

Stock rear lower control arms. 25
-Great condition, bushings are in excelent shape.

LS1 coolant cross over lines. 10
-Can be modified for use with LS6 intake, just taking up space.

Stock K-member. 75
-Stock, good condition, not bent.

Stock rocker arm pedestal. 15 each
-Have 4 available

Stock rocker arms. 10 each
-Have a lot of them all in good condition, let me know how many you need.

Stock Manifolds. 20
-Still have heat shields

Stock front springs. 25
-Not used for long at all, uncut.

Ill update the list as parts are pulled off the car and inspected. All prices are best offer, I wont turn down any resonable offers, just need to get the stuff gone so Ill have room to work. I will deliver or meet for all parts in Houston area, College station, or anywhere in betwene. Buyer pays for shipping.
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