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2 Jan 2021
I keep having to move this thing around the shop, and am thinking about selling it. It's a VFN 4-1/2" lift off hood. We had panels where the light doors are on a factory car molded to the front corners so it's one piece from the bumper to the windshield. It was a lift-off, with Dzus fasteners added along the leading- and side-edges of the hood. It was painted a mat black, and was only used about a year before we went with a mid-range intake manifold so the intake and carb would fit under a lower hood. It's still in pretty good shape, except for the mods we did for our specific applicaton.

I do have a box, so shipping might not be a big deal, but I'd still expect it to have to go freight just because of size. Heck, the box probably weighs more than the hood, but it would probably only fit in the largest of UPS/FedEx trucks. I'm figuring a couple of hundred plus shipping would be about right, but it will have to be for a special car. Note that it is NOT CP-legal. Thoughts?

In case anyone was wondering what it looks like. Here it is resting on top of our SVO. Kind of dusty, but cleans up nicely. The closeup picture shows how the headlight lid areas are closed up.


Close up:

27 Aug 2017
Holy waterworks, Batman!! This stupid Harvey can GTFO, as far as I'm concerned!!! Friday and yesterday weren't too bad, some rain, some wind, but last night, after Harvey had collapsed into a TD, the rains started falling. We got about 12" in a 2.5-3 hour period last night. The yards filled, as they normally do, but it just kept coming. Finally, the water reached the weep holes in the first course of brick around the house, and started coming in around 1130 last night. We frantically moved stuff out of our office, which was formerly a formal livingroom, which in true 1970's fashion, is sunken. So there was the opportunity for the thing to fill to at least 6", or so. That's not so bad, except the UPS is on the bottom shelf of my 'server rack' that's in the office, and that makes the base at about 5" above the floor. Yikes!

So I shut everything down and unplugged the UPS and wrestled that beast out of the office to a safer place. We got a total of about 1/4-3/8" of water in 5 of our rooms, and then things slowed down some. After the water receded some, the water in the bedrooms actually drained. We still had some cleanup to do in the office, and have finally dried the floor from that.

We'll still need to remove the carpet from the dining room, and will, no doubt, have to replace some drywall, but so far, we've been lucky. The storms are far from over, though, so we're watching and worrying. But H0ly FSCK, we've never seen this much rain!! Our rain gauge is showing 12.3" of rain over the last 24 hours, and other rain gauges in the area have recorded more than 27". There are still water rescues going on as people cut themselves out of their attic and call for help from their roofs. It's bad here, all over the Houston area.

The garage got about 2" in it, so there'll be some lovely cleanup going on there in the next few days. We haven't been able to get out to the shop to check on the status there, but it's about another 2-3" higher elevation, so fingers crossed things are okay there. There's still 2-3' of water between us and the shop, so we'll have to wait a while before we can go check it out. Sadly, our tallest vehicle, or GMC, is stuck out in the shop, so we're pretty much stranded here for the next couple of days.

But just wow!
6 Jul 2016
As some may know, my wife and I are part of a crew that puts on a commercial fireworks display at a local country club. We have been doing it for about 15 years, or so, and are both Pyrotechnical Technician license holders. (IMG:http://www.frrax.com/rrforum/style_emoticons/default/2thumbs.gif) We started back in the late 1990's when one of the members of an Impala SS club we belonged to revealed that he did that kind of work, and if anyone wanted to help, it's about the most fun you can have with your pants on. Back then, the show was 'manual'. We'd start the afternoon with augering holes in the ground to set some steel pipes of several different diameters (usually 3" to 6"). Once that was done, and it got dark, we'd load the shells into the tubes, and light them off with a road flare. TONs of fun when you're standing beside a 6" steel pipe sitting in the ground, and the shell launches into the air, then exploding about (hopefully) 600 feet directly over your head! Crazy, fun stuff, although we have come home with holes burned in our clothes, but still fun.

At that site, a county park, we'd make a club event of it. There'd be 20-30 Impala SSs, we'd bring grills and have a club picnic while we set up the event. Then, since the cars were too close, would 'caravan' the cars out to a safe distance and get to the show (probably 500' away). We ended up with just about the entire crew from the local fire station join us for food, and support. Great fun!

Anyway, the shows are now 'electronic'. That is, we have a trailer that has ABS tubes mounted in a bed of sand. We load ALL of the tubes, wire them to a circuit bar, then run cables from each circuit bar to the controller panel. When it gets dark, we roll the trailer out into a field, cable it up, cable any extra 'cakes' they have purchased, and set them off with the touch of a little battery power to the right contact on the control board. You're still nearly under the shells when they go off, but we're probably 100' away from the tubes. It's safer, and the work is different, and while fun, the big adrenaline rush is not quite there..... unless one goes off short, or flies overhead, which we've had before.

Anyway, pictures are worth 1000 words, so here's some pictures of the setup and the event:


The trailer, loaded, wired and rolling out to the site. Since we do this at a country club, we usually load and wire the trailer under the cover where the greenskeepers are and roll the trailer out to one of the fairways, or green. Yes, all the quotes from the movie 'Caddyshack' are said as we get ready.

BTW: 10,000#+ trailer, V10 turbodiesel Tuareg FTW!!


Our truck loaded up with the 'cakes', which are pre-packaged shells that will go off serially at one time. This year they used mostly 3" and 4" cakes. the 3" cakes had 25 shells in each pack, and the 4" shells held 9. They don't seem to be as strong as the individual shells, but, again, we're probably 100' away, so the whole thing seems tame now.


The cakes set up on the fairway, wired and ready to go.


The control console in the foreground, trailer and cakes connected and ready to go. The console only has about 20 ports on it, and we typically have 35-40 cables, so we're shuttling cables back and forth during the show.


Looking down one side of the trailer, all wired up. The big tube is for the 6" diameter shells. The shells go up about 100' per inch in diameter.


Another shot of the trailer. Wired and ready to rumble. (IMG:http://www.frrax.com/rrforum/style_emoticons/default/rolleyes.gif)

More to follow.
24 Dec 2015
1995 Camaro Z28 LT4 stroker/6 Spd Convertible. Black, DK Charcoal Leather interior. 147K miles.

The original owner was a Texas Attorney who had offices in Houston and San Antonio, so many of those miles are 'commute' miles between the two offices. The second owner purchased it to make it into a fun track/nice day driving car, and did most of the mods you will see below. Shortly after finishing it he took a C5 Z06 around MSR-H, and decided that was the route he wanted to go.

We purchased the car in 2006 with 136K on the clock, to soothe my wife's mid-life-crisis. She drove it mostly on good winter days here usually with the top down. So it's had about 11K miles put on it under our ownership in 9 years. In those 9 years, all I've had to do that was serious was put a new clutch in it, and get a better tune.

My wife doesn't drive it much anymore, and we have many, many other projects to care for so we'd like to thin the herd a bit, and make room in the shop, so we're offering this one up for sale.

The car is equipped as follows:

381 LT4 Stroker motor (motor and heads freshened about 11,800 miles ago) Other than long-tubes and a CC206 Cam, that's about all it needs. Runs very strong. It puts 408 HP to the wheels with the 'hot' ECU in it (tuned by G-Force in Friendswood, TX). Getting it to pass emissions with that ECU got to be problematic, so I had PCMs-For-Less create me an 'emissions' ECU. It runs pretty well on that ECU, so that's what is in it now. The car will come with both ECUs.

Stock six speed, short throw Hurst shifter. The clutch disk flung all the friction material off of it a couple of years ago so it has a new Centerforce clutch and PP with new pilot bearing and resurfaced flywheel. That project can be found on this forum elsewhere.

The car has Pacesetter Long tube headers and 3 inch Flowmaster exhaust. I have three different cats for it, one that is just a shell, another high-flow cat to replace the shell, and a stock-looking cat that I purchased a couple of years ago to make it pass inspections. All will go with the car.


The car has several suspension mods. They include:

Subframe connectors - not sure of the brand, there's a mix of Hotchkis, Spohn and BMR parts under it.

Eibach/Bilstein "Tuned" suspension. The car is about 1.5" lower than stock. I did replace the rear springs with my Spohn weight jackers off our Firebird, after I replaced those with other parts. The adjuster tool is in the console.

Hotchkiss upper and lower control arms

Spohn adjustable rod-end/rod-end panhard bar. This one is off the Firebird after we installed the Watts link in it.

Super heavy Torque Arm/Driveshaft loop combo. I think this one is a BMR unit. It's kind of noisy in reverse, but okay otherwise.

Aftermarket Power Steering Cooler

Stock diif, 3.42 Posi

Powerslot rotors, hawk pads Front. Stock brakes rear. (have hawk pads for the rear but car stops very well as it is.)

The car will come with the parts to do a LS front brake conversion (spindles/calipers/rotors), but we never installed them.

The car sits on factory Z28 wheels, but will come with 17 X 9.5 New Motorsport (Z06) wheels with new Nitto Xtreme tires


Bolt in Roll Bar. Unfortunately, when they installed the roll bar, they put the back seat seat back down, so it's there until someone removes the roll bar and sets it back up. We never needed the back seats. The pups don't care.

I found a guy who had some factory seats built with cut-outs for racing harnesses. I have those installed. They work fine for autocross. We also have the original black leather seats that will come with the car.

The car needs a new top. The back window seal has separated at the bottom, and some of the stitching is unravelling, so it's best to drive the car on good, dry days, with the top down, until you get to your destination. Other than that, and the factory paint could stand to be freshened up that's about all the car needs.

We'd like to get $5500 OBO for the car.



Car with Motorsport wheels on it:





We have found a new home for the Z. A friend who knew of the car from the previous owner was interested in it, and came down to have a look yesterday. They'll probably pick the car and the spare parts up next weekend, depending on weather, but consider this car sold. Bittersweet, but we hope the new owners enjoy it as much as we have. (IMG:http://www.frrax.com/rrforum/style_emoticons/default/2thumbs.gif)
17 Nov 2015
EDIT: Finally sold it. Well, kind of gave it away, but seeing as how a friend has his 28 ft enclosed for $4500 and it hasn't sold yet, it's looking like the market is soft on trailers. It's going to a guy who needs a lighter trailer for his 69 Camaro drag car that won't knock his trans pan off when he loads it. I think it'll fit that bill quite nicely.

Well, now that Nick's trailer has found a new home (IMG:http://www.frrax.com/rrforum/style_emoticons/default/cool2.gif) it's time to make some space for it. It's a 1992 model, and has been in our possession since about 2001. It has served us well, and the only reason for selling it is because we no longer need it. It has slide-out ramps, and they are extra long, probably 10 feet (I haven't measured them), making loading a lowered car much easier. We've had NO issues loading our C Prepared Firebird.

I believe it is a 5000# GVW trailer, I'd have to verify that. but we've had our Firebird on it, a first-gen Ford Lightning, our 95 9C1 Caprice, and our 68 4-door Cadillac on it with no problems. It has a 2" ball Bulldog hitch, adjustable trailer jack (pull a pip pin and you can retract the jack arm up into the jack quickly). It is open down the middle, making carrying things smaller than a car difficult, but allows you to get under the car when it's on the trailer and do some work/checking without having to unload the car and put it up on jack stands.

The trailer deck is 83" wide and 15' long. The overall length of the trailer is 18'7", which allows it to easily fit into many garages. In fact that's what we'd do after an event, simply back the trailer, with the car on it, into the garage and close the door. Ready for the next event. Now, we have a shop with more space, but the fact that it would fit in many suburban garages was a selling point.

It has electric brakes, and a round 7-pin electrical plug that works with most late-model GM trucks. It may need re-wiring for Ford or Dodge. It has no spare mount, but does have a spare tire. All wheels are 15". The driver's side fender is removable, should you need that feature. The suspension is leaf spring, not torsion bars. We'd like to get $1800 OBO. It's not pretty, but functional. It could probably use a coat of paint, but what's there is okay for a factory job. It's been stored inside when not towing since we've owned it. Let me know if you have any questions.


The VIN tag. Sorry, hard to read:



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