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17 Aug 2009
Hey everyone, I know it's been awhile since I've been around. I graduated, moved out of Ohio and left the vast majority of my stuff in storage (including tools and tires). Since then I've been stuck in Alabama trying to find an aviation job in this crap-shoot of an economy and the car has generally been far from the front of my mind. I was originally expecting the job to happen sooner rather than later, leaving my absence a short hiatus instead of a year long leave, but time has flown on instead. That, and money is always a requirement for working on the ride. Anyway, I'll probably be around quite a bit more often now, even if I have nothing significant to contribute (which is pretty much par for the course)!

That all being said, I was changing plugs tonight and had one plug wire have a come-apart when I tried to separate it from the nipple on the spark plug. Apparently they were rather attached and couldn't bear to live without each other. I now find myself one plug wire short, 7 spare wires in storage in Ohio (with the key here in Alabama, otherwise I'd bribe Trackbird to raid my storage shed), and a drive from Alabama to Houston coming up this Friday or Saturday. I'd rather not purchase another friggin set of 8 wires so I figured I'd see if anyone around here had a spare LS1 plug wire they'd be willing to part with on a rapid basis. Naturally, I'll take care of all the expenses to ship the wire and just let me know what you want for it. (Edit: Shipping is to Zip 35801)

This little dilemma, by the way, is what snapped FRRAX back into my brain and inspired my return!
8 Mar 2008
Well, it's official. The F-bodies are now trying to kill Kevin. So I'm sitting at home enjoying the blizzard warning when I get a call from Kevin. He's been viciously attacked by a V6 Firebird. He was crusing down the interstate when he saw the firebird in the slow lane lose it in the snow and come plowing towards him. After he sped up (brakes? in this snow? HAH!) to avoid her, he lost sight of her and then felt the clunk which threw the truck (a friggin 1 ton now traveling at close to 60 mph) sideways about 30 degrees.

So now he calls me, the nose of the Firebird is in his truck and he's following a rather nice looking 27ish, blonde dental hygienist to my apartment complex. Apparently she's my neighbor. I trudge out into the 4" of snow to join in the merriment. He hasn't seen the damage on his truck so I brought a flashlight. We pull the front of her car out of the truck while she's drying her eyes and plop it in front of her car. I distinctly remember hearing her say, "I hate this damn car. I was just about to trade it!" About this time we grab the light and go to inspect Kevin's truck. He could have sworn from the severity of the impact that she not only caved in the passenger side of his truck, but that she also pushed the truck into the jersey wall on the driver's side. Not going to be a fun day.

Well, as it turns out, Kevin needs a new rear passenger side tire. Maybe a wheel. It's at least scratched, possibly bent. The rest of the battle tank survived miraculously (damn. I love Chevy.) without a scratch. Apparently the driver's side impact was the tire becoming close friends with the recently plowed, compacted, frozen snowbank on the side of the road (Kevin's Ice Removal Service... Ice and Noses done while you wait!). Now, Kevin has his own, traveling version of the snowbank firmly packed in his wheel. That's going to be fun to get out.

  • 1 - 31" Bridgestone Duravis truck tire... $162.50
  • 1 - 16 x 7" GM work truck, 8 lug steelie... $cheap
  • 1 - new thong for blonde firebird driver... $fun
  • 1 - '99 Firebird V6 nose for a wall ornament... $priceless
Update: New Title - "How to Find a New Dentist and Have a Smashing Good Time!" or
"Trackbird's High Impact Dating Service!"
30 Jul 2007
You should go look at the registration list for saturday's event.... (IMG:http://www.frrax.com/rrforum/style_emoticons/default/nutkick.gif)
14 Mar 2007
Ok so, since I just lost blood and vast quantities of pride in this endeavor... can anyone tell me exactly where the flasher module is?
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