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26 Nov 2019
Are there any computer programmers or message board guys in the house? Iím getting notifications from the hosting provider saying they are seeing potentially malicious script files on the server. They appear to be standard board files. I donít know if they have moved away from the design of this board, or if there are other issues. However, they are threatening to shut the board down for ďsafetyĒ.

I checked with IPS about getting the latest update done (it used to cost like $25 and they would do the update). They advised me that Iíd have to upgrade to a version in the 3.x.x range and then upgrade to the new ďcommunityĒ version. The license is $200 and the labor is $625. I donít believe Iím good enough to do this upgrade without possibly losing the database. I also donít want the board shut down. So, Iím looking for options.

One other option would be to change to different software. I discussed that ten years ago but I donít know if thereís anything out there that will migrate from this old version of the software and it has to be stable and worth using.

So, Iím open to ideas (or possibly donations).

Any thoughts?
3 Oct 2019
I've had a lot of people ask how to donate a few dollars to keep the site up and running.

First, this is absolutely not necessary and I truly mean that.

However, for those who truly wish to help out...I really appreciate it. Paypal is the best option and you can paypal me at:

trackbird (at) gmail dot com (obviously the (at) is an @ and the "dot" is a .)

Again, it's truly not required, but I do appreciate those who wish to help out if you truly wish to do so.


26 Sep 2019
Hey guys, most of you know we are pretty avid shooters and mid pack shooting sports competitors. I also help at a friends gun shop. Thus, stuff follows me home sometimes. I've reached a point where I need to thin down my inventory a bit and make room to rotate some stock. I have parts and pieces and guns (some unfired/new in the box and some used stuff...I'll note which are which).

I have two new/unfired/never installed 2lb Jard triggers for 10/22 rifles. These are in billet housings and have a very crisp, clean break. I bought these for a couple projects and never got around to using them.


Benelli M4 factory 5 shot magazine tube with the factory 2 round spacer. These were removed (used) from my M4 when I did a 922r legal conversion to a 7 shot magazine tube.

$70 plus $8 freight

Sig 320 full size grip modules and factory sig paddle holsters. I have two sets. One grip module may have made one range trip, one was removed from a brand new pistol and never fired. I can't tell them apart. Both are basically brand new.

$39 each (grip and holster) and $6 freight. Buy both and I'll pay freight.

Benelli M4 factory trigger parts (trigger, disconnector, hammer and springs) from my M4. Used, worked perfectly. Removed for 922r legal conversion.

$69 plus $5 freight

CZ75 factory black checkered grips. Removed from a brand new CZ75 before it was fired. These are basically new OEM grips.

$18 and $4 freight

All firearms must be transferred through a dealer and follow all applicable laws. Not for sale where illegal.

S&W Model 41 (22 LR). I believe this is a roughly 1971 version. It's an A serial number and still has the cocking indicator. I bought this one unfired and we've had it out over the years, though it has fairly low round count. The finish is excellent and it's in extremely good condition. I also have twelve magazines for it. Ten are factory 12 round and they are used (I've had a couple of these guns and I used to shoot a version I had built by Clark Custom Guns in competition and I had a ton of mags for it) and two are brand new 10 round mags that are still sealed in their packages. These pistols feel like they are running on ball bearings. They are the most amazingly fitted 22 pistols, I can't say enough good things about them. But, we set up an S&W Victory 22 for competitions and we never take this out to the range anymore. So it's looking for a good home.

$1250 OBO Plus $35 freight

I have a two tone Sig Sauer P220 (45 ACP) that's a factory model they built using the 220 Combat frame. It's the same FDE color frame and a black slide with night sights with a black rubber hogue grip. It has the standard picatinny rail instead of the Sig style rail. I added a Grayguns "PSAIT" trigger (with trigger stop), the factory Sig SRT parts (this pistol didn't have the SRT kit from Sig) and installed a Grayguns action spring kit and put a 226 Legion guide rod in it. This pistol has less than 100 rounds through it. I just don't shoot 45 these days. Comes in the factory case.


Kahr CT9 (9mm), brand new in the box (never cleaned or fired, still has the factory anti corrosive shipping coating). I bought this new at the shop where I work and never got a chance to shoot it. It only came with one mag. It has standard sights (not night sights). Comes in the factory case.

$310 and $35 freight OBO

Springfield XDm 5.25" Competition in 45 ACP. This pistol was built by a local gunsmith and has a complete Powder River competition kit in it and a stainless guide rod and a Talon Grips grip added. This is one of the most accurate 45's I've ever shot. Most new shooters would shoot one hole groups with it by the end of their first day. It's amazing. It also has eight 13 round magazines with it. Comes in the factory case.

$699 plus $35 freight

I have a new/unfired/never cleaned 9mm Sig 226 MK25-10 (it came with three 10 round mags from the factory). It has factory night sights. I'm not dying to sell this one. I already have a Grayguns PSAIT trigger, Grayguns action spring kit and a Grayguns "FAT" black finish guide rod for it as well as a Grayguns SRT kit with their billet (and coated) sear and the new version with the coated safety lever that's made by Grayguns. That's about $190+ in Grayguns parts plus the pistol. I can install all of the GGI parts and send the stock parts with it if you prefer. Comes in the factory case.

$1200 plus $35 freight. (with all the GGI parts installed)

I have some other stuff I might add like a stock Victory 22, possibly a Remington Versamax Competition 12 ga (the green one with the carbon fiber mag tube parts and Mesa tactical stock and shell carrier, etc), an S&W revolver that was built by Cylinder and Slide (with an insane trigger job), an XDm competition 9mm built with Powder River parts, a Sig 220 Stainless Match Elite (all stainless 5" match version of the 220), but for now I'm headed to bed. Pics on request. If you want to see anything, post your email and what you'd like pics of below, or send me a PM.

8 Aug 2019
About 6-7 months ago my truck started locking and unlocking the doors on the way into work. SOme research suggested a bad battery in the keyfob. I swapped the battery and it was fixed....for a while. A couple days ago I went to an HOA meeting and got out and hit the lock button and it unlocked. The next few times I hit lock it did the same thing. Then it finally locked. I assumed it was ok. The next morning on my way to work it was constantly unlocking the doors. I removed the battery when I got to the parking lot and locked the truck. When I removed the battery, I touched it to the contacts a few times and it unlocked the truck each time. So I tried a new battery when I got home and it was still unlocking the truck without any keys being pressed. It appears that I need a keyfob. I'm finding what look like crappy ones on amazon and the online dealers seem to want over $200. I need to check with my local dealer and see what they charge.

Also, if I find one, is there a way to program them without paying the dealer to do so?
25 Mar 2019
I have a new 7 shot one piece magazine tube for a Benelli M4 (it was opened, but never installed in the receiver or screwed to anything). This replaces the 5 shot tube and 2 shot "dummy spacer" that comes from Benelli. I purchased it and then decided to use an OEM Benelli tube on my M4. This converts it to 7+1 from 5+1.


To legally use this, you need to change out some additional parts due to 922r laws. More info can be found here:


In my case, I changed the forend, hammer, disconnector, trigger, and follower. That keeps me extra legal by going above and beyond the ATF requirements.

I paid $89 plus freight. Asking $89 shipped OBO.
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