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Full Version: Assorted firearms and parts
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Hey guys, most of you know we are pretty avid shooters and mid pack shooting sports competitors. I also help at a friends gun shop. Thus, stuff follows me home sometimes. I've reached a point where I need to thin down my inventory a bit and make room to rotate some stock. I have parts and pieces and guns (some unfired/new in the box and some used stuff...I'll note which are which).

Benelli M4 factory 5 shot magazine tube with the factory 2 round spacer. These were removed (used) from my M4 when I did a 922r legal conversion to a 7 shot magazine tube.

$60 plus $8 freight

Sig 320 full size grip modules and factory sig paddle holsters. I have two sets. One grip module may have made one range trip, one was removed from a brand new pistol and never fired. I can't tell them apart. Both are basically brand new.

$35 each (grip and holster) and $6 freight. Buy both and I'll pay freight.

Benelli M4 factory trigger parts (trigger, disconnector, hammer and springs) from my M4. Used, worked perfectly. Removed for 922r legal conversion.

$69 plus $5 freight

CZ75 factory black checkered grips. Removed from a brand new CZ75 before it was fired. These are basically new OEM grips.

$18 and $4 freight

All firearms must be transferred through a dealer and follow all applicable laws. Not for sale where illegal.

S&W Model 41 (22 LR). I believe this is a roughly 1971 version. It's an A serial number and still has the cocking indicator. I bought this one unfired and we've had it out over the years, though it has fairly low round count. The finish is excellent and it's in extremely good condition. I also have twelve magazines for it. Ten are factory 12 round and they are used (I've had a couple of these guns and I used to shoot a version I had built by Clark Custom Guns in competition and I had a ton of mags for it) and two are brand new 10 round mags that are still sealed in their packages. These pistols feel like they are running on ball bearings. They are the most amazingly fitted 22 pistols, I can't say enough good things about them. But, we set up an S&W Victory 22 for competitions and we never take this out to the range anymore. So it's looking for a good home.

$1250 OBO Plus $35 freight

Kahr CT9 (9mm), brand new in the box (never cleaned or fired, still has the factory anti corrosive shipping coating). I bought this new at the shop where I work and never got a chance to shoot it. It only came with one mag. It has standard sights (not night sights). Comes in the factory case and now includes three extra brand new magazines (4 total).

$399 and $35 freight OBO

I have some other stuff I might add later. Pics on request. If you want to see anything, post your email and what you'd like pics of below, or send me a PM.

Updated list and lowered some prices.
Do you ship?
Paperwork would be hell
QUOTE (Eugenio_SS @ Apr 17 2020, 04:47 PM) *
Do you ship?
Paperwork would be hell

To Canada? Yea, that's likely a crazy importing issue, but if someone there processes international transfers....I'm game.
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